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LumiAsk helps you host paid Q&A as either the questioner or the answerer, and find the right people to engage with you on your topic of interest.

You can get set up in less than a minute, and we will take care of everything else and let you know when someone is ready to engage.

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Do you have a question that Google struggles to answer, and your Reddit post or Discord message are not getting much traction? Give us a try and see how much further some extra incentives will take you.

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Would you like to help with other people's questions and earn some reward in the process? You could be rewarded for contributions as simple as spreading the word!

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By the way, if you fit one of the descriptions below, please get in touch - we have something special planned for you!

Do you have a hobby with an active online community?

Are you particularly knowledgeable about something and actively helping newbies in an online community? Give them a way to engage with you privately on questions that might not interest the wider community (e.g. something that has been answered a million times already - we have all been there!) or requires more effort to answer.

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Are you a content creator?

Are some of your supporters not yet comfortable committing to a Patreon subscription? No matter how small you are or how infrequent you publish content, as long you have a handful of interested viewers, you can start earning an income by answering their questions.

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Are you a product reviewer?

Do you get lots of questions from your audience? Whether you review products or services, professionally or casually (even reviews on Amazon and Google counts!), let them know you are on LumiAsk to answer any questions they have.

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